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What should I expect on a shoot with Forrest Black and Amelia G?

You should arrive at the shoot location on time and already in your starting hair and makeup or you should be ready to be picked up at the agreed-upon time already in your starting hair and makeup. Once we are all at the location, I will select which of your outfits you will be wearing and Forrest Black will select which shoes. We will determine what order to shoot the outfits in and which spots each one will be best in. We will go over the terms of the shoot, whether it is content trade or paid work-for-hire, and may go over a posing guide to confirm your comfort zone in terms of nudity and explicitness. You should expect that whatever limits you have indicated will always be respected and you will never be asked to do something you have indicated you do not wish to do. If you seem uncomfortable, we will stop shooting. Sometimes we like the outfit someone shows up in better than some of the gear in their suitcase and will want to shoot something more casual than some of what you may have brought. The pattern tends to be that we will shoot four outfits with around a half an hour of shooting for each one and some time in between each set for you to change clothing and makeup and us to change lighting and location. If you smoke or put makeup on slowly, instead of having down time, we may also shoot a more casual set while you take a smoke break or get ready, for a total of five sets. If the day goes long, we will generally spring for delivery food to keep everybody happy with good energy.

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