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How often can a model or photographer submit sets and how often should they expect them to be accepted and posted?

Short answer: There is no limit on the number of sets a model or photographer may submit at one time or how many can be accepted. Blue Blood can set up individualized FTP accounts for submission of large numbers of sets or you may mail CDs or DVDs to:

Blue Blood
8033 Sunset Blvd #4500
West Hollywood CA 90046

A quality photographer can have his or her work post as often as every day. The same model will probably not have more than one set post each week.

How long it takes for a particular set to post is variable and depends on many factors, including time of year, set theme, number of sets currently in the hopper, number of sets of a particular model in the hopper, member response to model or photog, any difficulties or special circumstances with a particular set, etc. A set which is submitted with all post work complete is going to have faster turnaround time until publication than an in-house set or a set which needs work.

It is possible that, once you are working with Blue Blood regularly, so your paperwork is all on file already, you could do a submitted set, get it processed to perfection with any color correction etc. that same day, submit it, and have it go live all within the same day (as usually payout is net 60 on publication, that means 60 days until $ in your account ). It is possible that a set will get burned without labels to a random DVD or hard drive which gets lost or corrupted for years and then rediscovered or recovered. The more common middle ground, however, is, if there are say four sets of a particular model in the hopper that one will post approximately each quarter, so the wait time is three months to a year, which gives the model the opportunity to get the maximum possible payout for forum participation.

Details: A model can get sets to post faster by submitting more sets. For example, if there are sixty sets of a model in the hopper, it is more pressing to post them more often than if there is one, if members enjoy that model.

For in-house shoots, sometimes a set will have the special circumstance to wait until a particular magazine comes out before the agreement with the magazine allows the set to be published. Most magazines have a three to six month lead time. Sometimes a magazine will hold images for six months and then not use that particular shot.

Submitted sets which need no post-processing will be published much faster than those which do. Basically, a set which is flawless and ready to post when submitted will most likely be published faster than work by a photographer who lit a shoot so that a number of images will need to be selected for removal or who left basic blemishes such as zits unfixed or whose work needs color correction.

For in-house shoots, sets will keep sliding to the back of the line when they are more difficult because a model showed up to a shoot looking either tore up or substantially different from what was expected. There are two important ways to avoid this sort of thing. The first is to take care of yourself right before a shoot so you don't show up with eye bags, beer belly bloat, half-swollen coke nose, rough sex razor rash, razor stubble, empty ear plugs, bruising and stitches from your recent surgery, etc. Nothing wrong with having a good time and sometimes you have to take some time to heal, but schedule to shoot when you will be able to bring your bright-eyed and happy A game. The second way to make sure you don't end up waiting for ages for a set to post is let the photographers know if you are carrying an unaccustomed amounts of weight or drastically changed your hair style or got tons of new body mods. It may be wise to reschedule in some circumstances, if a change is temporary, or it may just be necessary for the photographers to keep your situation in mind in order to prep with different ideas. If the shoot ends up with unexpected factors, then it makes everything a lot more work on the backend, removing shots which did not work, etc.

Essentially, sets which do not require extra will generally be bumped in front of more difficult sets.

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