What kind of ID will I need and what is proof of age?

The photographer or model must provide a legible photocopy, scan, or digital snapshot of the model's picture ID such as drivers license or passport and some other official form of ID such as a social security card or birth certificate. It is fine for two forms of picture ID to be the proof of age, but at least one proof of age document must be picture ID. The best way to do this is for somebody to take a snapshot of the model holding one form of ID in each hand, making sure the text on the ID can be read in the image. Please send in such ID snapshots at full size and do not scale down.

For in-house shoots with Forrest Black and Amelia G, you can bring your ID and we will photograph/copy it for you.

For submitted photo sets, the ID will need to be included in the same zip with the photos being submitted. If you are granted access to the approved submitters upload page, there will be a reminder to include proof of age and instruction for zipping if you are unfamiliar with it.

American models and photographers must also fill out a W-9 form in order to receive payment. The W-9 will be snail mailed with your publication agreement.
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